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Smart City

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About video

This video was created in a very short time for Wiener Stadtwerke, ordered by Media Consult.
„Smart City” is a 1 minute film showing, in a simplified way, the main challenges which undertakes the WS to improve the life quality in the city in the near future.

About Wiener Stadtwerke


Founded in 1949 as a municipal company, Wiener Stadtwerke was converted into a private-sector organisation in 1999 and named Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG in compliance with European competition regulations. Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG continues to be owned by the City of Vienna.

Their core business covers a broad range of services and competencies to the Vienna region. This includes ensuring the supply of electricity, gas and heat (Wien Energie), as well as providing local public transportation services (Wiener Linien, Wiener Lokalbahnen). | Video: Wir denken Wiener Zukunft | Film: Wir denken Wiener Zukunft | Film: Wir denken Wiener Zukunft | Zukunft

Marta Frackowiak – Labaj :: concept [with], storyboard, 2D design, project management
Damian Majcherek :: 2+3D animation
Pawel Lisowski :: 2+3D animation, final composition
Patryk Scelina [Picture&Sound] :: sound design [ ]